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Sitting Bantam Cochin Plush Art Doll
Made from high quality faux fur,
hand painted glass eyes and felted features.
Close to true size. Custom requests welcomed


   $15 shipping

Standing Bantam Cochin 

Handmade to order 
With wired legs, Faux fur, Minky fabric,
hand painted glass eyes & felted features


$15 shipping

Large Fowl Sitting Cochin

Handmade to order
Faux Fur, Minky fabrics, Hand felted details, handmade glass eyes.
Close to true size

                                                                      Hen or Roo  $125

    shipping $20
Make your sitting LF Cochin standing
*Add $30

Change out fabric beak to hand sculpted poly clay    *Add $10

Add hand sculpted poly clay toenails to your Art Dolls feet   *Add $15

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