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All designs  are property of  -All rights reserved

Full Color Sublimation

Sublimation Prices

Short Sleeve will have Glitter behind Design

Short Sleeve Tees to 1 X -  $25

Long Sleeve to 1 X -  $35

2 X  -  4 X  add $3

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High QualityGlitter Vinyl

High Quality Solid Vinyl 

SolidVinyl Design Prices

Short Sleeve tee up to 1X,  

design on pocket area only - $18

Short Sleeve tee up to 1X,

design on front only - $20

Short sleeve tee up to 1X, with pocket design

on front & full back design - $25

2X - 4X  sizes add $3

GLITTER Vinyl - add $2

Long Sleeve shirts add $5

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T Shirt Colors - White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Red, Maroon, Purple, Navy, Royal Blue, Aqua, Sea Green, Forest Green, Pink

Glitter Vinyl Colors - Aqua, Black, Brown, Silver, Blue, Pink, Rose Pink, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Grey, Forest, Purple, Gold, Yellow Gold, Tan, Lavender, Cranberry, Sea green, Navy, Royal Blue, Red

Solid Vinyl Colors - Purple, Lavander, Lime, Aqua, Orange, Sky, Black, Royal, Pea, Brown, Red, Salmon, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Grey, Burgandy, Navy, Peach, Yellow

Sublimation Designs

Pick a Design -then add a saying, Farm name etc.

All Sublimation designs on short sleeve T's will have a sparkle behind design

All Designs are property of - All Rights Reserved

Silkie Pile

Pirate Silkie

 Turkey Hen

Royal LT Brahma 

Royal Buff Brahma

Western Goat

Piggy in Hat

Guinea Family

Silkie Clown

Goat in Flowers

Brown Goose

Crested Ducks

Pastel Calls

White Calls

Guinea Love

Silkie Ballerina 

Tired SF

Tired D' Anver

Farm Critters

Serama Big Shadow

Rainbow Silkie

MGB Wine

LGD & Kids

Art Chick

Emu Dad

Guinea Bath

Curly Romance

Cow in Hat

Hatched Chick

Dk Biker Silkie

Tired Silkie

Lt Biker Silkie

NN Fairy

Silkie Chick Flower

Polish Princess

Guinea Gate

Silkie Mom

Silkie Gardner

Scooter Silkies

Silkie Barn

Hen with Worm

Show Polish

Silkie Fall

Tired Buff Cochin

Tired BLK Cochin

Tired Buff Cochin Hen

Tired Lt Brahma

Tired Black Spanish

Depresso D 'Anver

Tired Friz Polish

Tired Houdan

D'anver Jumper Cables

Tired Mottled Cochin


Tired Nankin 

Tired WCB Polish

Tired Wht Cochiin

Tired Tolbunt

Table top Serama

Tired Sultan

SLW Love

Tired Serama

Sultan Truck

Sultan Red Truck

Rainbow Unicorn

Purple Unicorn

Guinea New Year

Billy Goat Flowers

Beach Silkie

LGD Hole

Polish Puddle

Dino Polish

Brahma Flowers

Silkie Love

CCL  Walking  Polish

CCL  Walking Hen

Pink Silkie

Silkie Snowman

D'uccle Snow

Silkie Announcing

Work Horse

Easter Silkie

Silkie Witch Bkg

Orp in a Hat

Sultan Mom

Baby Silkie

Baby Doll Sheep

Santa Blue Cochin

Silkie Pumpkins

Holiday Japs

Silkie Mistletoe

Holiday SL Polish

Holiday WCB Polish

Holiday GL Polish

Santa Guinea

Silkie Gifts

Singing Silkies

Silkie Santa

Holiday Serama

Holiday Yokohama

Holiday Corgi

Holiday Turkey

Santa Buff Cochin

Holiday Peacock

Holiday Brahma

Holiday LGD

Holiday GP

Holiday Newfi

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