Silkie, Satin, Showgirl & NN  Doll pricing

* Reg Basic Flat Bottom Sitting Silkie aprox 8" tall- $65

* Jumbo Basic Flat Bottom Sitting Silkie aprox 11" tall - $75

*Add Detailed feet to any Basic Bottom Silkie or NN + $30

 *Add face details to any Basic bottom Sitting Silkie +  $ 40

 * Naked Neck with detailed face, sitting ,Basic bottom aprox 8+" tall - $120

* Make your Silkie or NN standing with detailed legs & internal wire frame + $50

*Add a Belly Pocket to any doll with a Heart pouch for keepsakes  + $25

  *All Dolls come with an Adoption Certificate

      Priority US Shipping $20 - $65

Increase in Shipping charges due to USPS over 12" box charge

Feet design styles may vary slightly

Basic  Sitting Flat Bottom

Sitting detailed  feet with sculpted toenails

Standing Silkie with wired detailed feet w sculpted toenails


Basic Face

beak only


Detailed Face

  beak, eyes, ear tufts, ear lobes

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