Silkie, Satin, Showgirl & NN  Doll pricing

* Reg Basic Flat Bottom Sitting Silkie aprox 8" tall- $65

* Jumbo Basic Flat Bottom Sitting Silkie aprox 11" tall - $75

*Add Detailed feet to any Basic Bottom Silkie or NN + $30

 *Add face details to any Basic bottom Sitting Silkie +  $ 40

 * Naked Neck with detailed face, sitting ,Basic bottom aprox 8+" tall - $120

* Make your Silkie or NN standing with detailed legs & internal wire frame + $50

*Add a Belly Pocket to any doll with a Heart pouch for keepsakes  + $25

  *All Dolls come with an Adoption Certificate

      Priority US Shipping - email for quote

Feet design styles may vary slightly

Basic  Sitting Flat Bottom

Sitting detailed  feet with sculpted toenails

Standing Silkie with wired detailed feet w sculpted toenails


Basic Face

beak only


Detailed Face

  beak, eyes, ear tufts, ear lobes

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