All awards are handmade to order.  I do not keep stock on hand.  Due to time and cost to sculpt and mold, breeds are added as they are ordered. If a breed is not seen it can be sculpted, but please allow at least a month for sculpting and casting.
Contact me for custom made awards

all pricing is before adding shipping

Award Plaques
 Metal Tone - 5 x 7 inche  $25
Painted - 5x7 inch         $30
Painted Wood Plaques in piano black with poly sculpted Animal or Bird and gold sign vinyl lettering
Painted Bird or Animal add $10
Rosette Centers - $6
minimum order 4
Sculpted poly round medallion for center of your award ribbon.  Painted in metal tones. can be applied with hot glue to your ribbon.
3 D Award Sculptures
Large Sculptures starting at $45 (9 inches tall up)
Small Sculptures starting at $35  (5 inches tall )
Painted Sculpture add $20
Award Wall Plaques
starting at $50
Award Pins
minimum order 4
metal tone pins starting at $6  
painted pins starting at $15
Ribbon Holders

minimum order 2
By themselves in Metal tone $20
Mounted to a 5x7 plaque $25
Painted add $10
Ornament Awards
$20  plus shipping    Discounts for orders over ten