How To Apply Your ChickenZoo Decal 

STEP 1.  Decide where you want your decal. Clean Glass & Dry With A Lint Free Cloth Pick a Dry Warm day and a spot away from wiper blades for best adhesion and life span of your decal. Decal consists of a  Top layer of beige application tape The Decal Middle layer
The Bottom layer Wax paper the decal sits on.
STEP 2.  Position Decal on outside of glass window.  Apply a strip of thick package tape (overlapping decal application top paper an inch or so) just to or slightly back from edges as shown above. Press down tape firmly to glass.  Use a squeegee or credit card to press over decal so top paper will stick to all the pieces of decal.
Step 3.   Flip decal up and crease the tape hinge you just made. 
Step 4.    Flip decal forward on the tape hinge. Starting at a bottom corner, slowly peel up the backing paper.
Step 5.  As You work the bottom paper off , check often to make sure the decal is attached to the application tape top layer.  Keep firm pressure on top paper and do not allow decal to touch glass at this time.
Step 6. Once backing paper is off, smooth down decal from middle outward , onto glass using credit card etc.  Push out any air bubbles as you go.
Once Decal is firmly pressed down onto glass, start at a corner and slowly pull off top layer of application tape....leaving decal adhered to your glass or object. 
Now enjoy. ( Wait a day before getting decal wet or snowed on etc.)