Memorial Art Dolls

Doll Commissions open back up

January 2022

Keep your pets memory close with a custom made doll

-Memorial Art Dolls are all custom made by me only, from your photos.

- I use high quality faux fur and materials - no real feathers , fur or leathers.

-Bodies are filled with soft poly-fill 

- Dolls can have wire or plastic armatures to allow movement of limbs, if you so choose.

- I strive to capture your pets unique features,  body style and character.

- I know how important your pet is to you and I put my heart into everyone.

- Dolls are made in the order they are paid for. Your full payment holds your dolls spot on the list. Time frames for completion vary by your spot and how long it takes me to finish the dolls before yours.

6 months to a Year on orders is not uncommon,

so please plan accordingly,

 I strive to complete your doll

as fast as I can,

without compromising quality.

- Please send nice clear photos of  at least a full left side, full right side, face close ups, front view, feet views, and any distinguishing characteristics, aprox height from floor to top of head is very important.

Please provide a name for doll's button. 

- Please let me know if you have any allergies

at time of order.

- Art dolls are made for art display, not to be played with like a toy.

- They may contain sharp edges, rough areas and small parts that could be choking hazards.  - Dolls are spot wash only. They may be combed and brushed lightly to keep their fluffy appearance. Turning very fluffy dolls upside down and shaking gently, can fluff up fibers.

  - I ship World Wide.

Priority mail Insured

- Must be 18 years or older and owner of account used to pay for your doll.

-No refunds or returns but please

let me know if you have an issue.

Chickens & Small Birds
- Life Size Sitting or Standing

Note - At this time I am not able to create Frizzled Feathers Birds.

(Birds come with soft body and feet, glass eyes, sculpted beak & toenails, silicone sculpted comb and features, name button & Certificate.)

(Standing birds have wire internal skeleton and realistic legs)

Dolls come with Name button, Tag & Adoption Certificate
Add A Belly Pocket w/ Heart shaped item keeper


Art Doll Pricing

(Frizzled Feathered Birds not available at this time)

Dolls are made close to life size.

XS Birds - Finch, Parakeet, Quail etc

Sitting - $150

Standing - $185

SM Birds - exp: Serama, Conures, Quakers,

OEGB, D'anver, Pigeon

Sitting - $200

Standing $250

MD Birds - Silkies, Bantam chickens,

Sitting - $250

Standing - $300

LG Birds - Average Chicken, small Owl

Sitting - $300

Standing -$350

XL Birds - LF Cochin, Brahmas, JG, Cockatoo

Sitting - $350

Standing - $380

XXL Birds-Eagle, Swan, Turkey Hen, Goose, Peahen

Sitting - $400

Standing - $450

Birds with long tail feathers (Phoenix, Peacock, Macaw etc )
please contact for pricing

Full Plush  Sitting  Silkie, no eyes, felt beak, with fabric flat bottom- $100

Sitting Silkie Memorial Doll


Standing  LF Cochin Memorial Doll with wired frame & Belly Pocket


Standing RIR Memorial Doll with

wire frame, slight crossbeak

SLW Bantam Family Memorial Dolls

Standing Hen Memorial Doll with wire frame

Sitting Silkie Memorial Doll Rooster with unique comb

Sitting Showgirl Memorial Doll

Standing Guinea Memorial Doll

with wire frame

Standing Rooster Memorial doll-old style, with wire frame, crooked toes and bumble foot scars,feltingOldStyle

Sitting full plush Candy Corn Polish Memorial Doll w felted features -Old Style

Sitting Pink Memorial Doll Silkie Hen with felted features (Old Style)

Sitting Bantam Silkie x Polish Memorial Doll with felted features (Old Style)

Sitting Bantam Cochin Pair Art Doll with felted features(OldStyle)

Polish Chicken Art Dolls -Old Style


Siting Silkie Memorial Doll

Standing Bantam Cochin Memorial Doll with wire frame

 Custom Standing Hen with wired body and wiredwings. Open / Close eyes

Sitting Satin Silkie Memorial Doll

Sitting full Plush Silkie Memorial Doll Plush

Memorial Art Doll - Squishy

Standing OEGB Cross Memorial Doll with wire frame, Belly Pocket & cross beak

Standing D'uccle Memorial Doll with wire frame, Belly Pocket & crossbeak

Sitting Silkie Memorial Doll

Sitting Buff Orp Memorial Doll -cross beak, one eye and tailless.

Standing soft body Bantam Cochin Hen Memorial ArtDoll

Standing Serama Roo Memorial Doll

with wire frame

Sitting Silkie Cross Hen Memorial Doll

Memorial Art Doll - Snowball

Standing Silkie Memorial Doll Rooster with wire frame and unique comb

Sitting Bantam Hen Memorial Doll

Standing wire frame Sultan Hen Art Doll

Standing wire frame Brahma Cross Rooster Memorial Doll with felted features (OldStyle)

Silkied Serama Roo Memorial Doll standing

Sitting Polish Memorial Dolls -Old Style

Sitting Brown Leghorn Memorial Doll      (Old Style)

Standing Light Brahma Hen Memorial Doll with wire frame (Old Style)

Jokgu Memorial Art Doll with wire frame   (Old Style)

Standing Chick Memorial Doll with wired legs

Sitting Full Plush Polish Hen -Old Style

Sitting full Plush Porcelain Silkie Hen Art Doll