In loving memory of my 
Sophie Puff Diva Chicken

Custom Art Dolls

I started making Art Dolls after the loss of my beloved 8 year old Silkie Chicken Sophie. I felt her loss so deeply & noticed the limited options available to celebrate our feathered friends or to help keep them close to us. I hope to help ease that pain for others or offer something unique to those who admire these special feathered creatures.
Don't see a breed or bird species you'd like? 
I'd be happy to create one for you.
All Art dolls are made close to life size unless otherwise stated or requested.
Art dolls are made of faux fur (no feathers) with sculpted details,glass eyes & other art materials.
Standing Art Dolls will have a wire internal frame for posing & more detailed legs.
Time frames on a Dolls completion vary depending on complexity as well as orders ahead of yours.
I take my time with each order to make it as close as possible in likeness to your bird. I put great care into each piece. It is not uncommon
for wait times over a year.
Art Dolls are made for display not intended as toys.
They may have sharp edges & small/loose parts
that could be choking hazards etc.
If you have a specific allergy please
inform me at time of order.
I ship USPS Priority mail Insured from USA
Out of country orders are responsible for all customs fees & restricted/ banned items
I am often booked months in advance,so please get on my waiting list. When I get close to your name I will contact you & send an invoice you can pay through. Full payment is required
up front to start your doll.
Payment options are available & once paid
in full, your doll will be started.
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