Pair Award Plaques with matching Ribbon Centers &Sculptures

 Award Plaques

 Custom sculpted, cast & hand painted Bird & Animals

Basic plaques are the standard milled MDF base

Plaques have a Horizontal or vertical mounting hole

Color shade & edges may differ due to supply availability

Other size plaques, colors are available,

solid wood & AcrylaStone  can be ordered

If you are ordering a new Sculpt, please add a month
to your time frame, to insure time to create, mold & cast

Bird or Animal emblem Colors

Gold, Silver, Bronze

 MDF Plaque Colors
8 x 10


Black Marble, Cherry,

*Light Blue Marble,

*Light Green Marble,

*White & Gold Marble

Sizes 9 x 12 - add $3

10.5 x 13 - add $9

12 x 15 - add $7 (Black) - $13 (Marble)


*Minimum order may apply

8 x 10  Blank Plaques
Your pick of Breed
& Placement

You can apply your own vinyl letters or brass plates

Black Marble

*minimum order may apply

 Classic Style Plaques

8  X 10

Lettering done in
gold vinyl
Bird & Animal 
Gold, Silver, Bronze

Available in many color options

*minimum order may apply
Two Tone Award Plaques

8 x 10

Metallic Color Vinyl
over Gold

- Gold vinyl lettering -
Hand Sculpted & Painted
to match your Logo
or Theme

Lettering in Gold vinyl

Starting at
Award Ornament w/ Ribbon
Great Show Awards for kids
Ribbon can be
any color you'd like
Pick any breed from my
Ornament page
Ready to Cast Breed Selection
New Breeds Sculpted by Request
painted in Gold Silver or Bronze
Call Duck
Call Duck
Silkie Pair
Silkie Pair
Bantam Cochin Hen
Bantam Cochin
Cochin Roo & Bantam Cochin Hen
Polish Hen
Polish Hen
Cornish Roo
Dominique Roo
Ameraucana Roo
Serama Roo

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